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You’ll Recognize These Struggles If You Live Alone In Lagos

In a city as populated and expensive as Lagos, only a very small percentage of the population gets to live alone. Most people have living arrangements wherein they live with other people. Some choose not to move out of their parents’ home because life is a lot cheaper when you don’t have to worry about rent; some stay with extended family members; and some have living arrangements where they have one or more roommates in a flat or a hostel. 

However some people are lucky enough to live alone. If you are one of those people, you will probably relate with the following struggles:

  • Loneliness

Coming home at the end of the day to meet things exactly how you left them can be nice because nobody will have scattered or taken your things. But it can still be lonely being all by yourself in the house all the time, especially during the week. At least at the weekends, you can invite friends over or go and visit them.

  • How expensive everything is

When you live alone, you are the head of the household whether you like it or not. As such, when something breaks, spoils, or finishes, you are the one who has to replace it. And you have to do all that in addition to shouldering the cost of rent all alone.

  • Having to do every single thing for yourself

When you live alone, you have to do everything for yourself or nothing gets done. If you don’t cook or buy food from outside, you know that you are not eating. If you don’t pack your clothes from the line outside and it rains, unless you have a nice neighbor, they get drenched again. When it’s night, you are the one who has to buy fuel and turn on the generator. It’s another level of independence that can be exhausting.

  • Emergencies are harder to deal with

There is nobody to assist with emergencies in the immediate vicinity unless you have neighbors that you are really pally with. If you fall sick, you are really on your own. Rather than lying around and having family take care of you, you have to be the one to stand up and buy yourself drugs, get food to take with the drugs and make sure that you recover well.


Do you live alone in Lagos? What are some struggles that you deal with? Share with us in the comments.



Temitope Oyelade

I'm Temitope, I love to read, listen, write, and question everything. I'm always up for a challenge or to learn something new.

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