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Survival Tips For Pedestrians In Lagos

Lagos roads are something else entirely; the right of way belongs to whoever is going the fastest, and as a pedestrian, you should know that you are a mere afterthought. Cars, trucks, buses, and okadas drive everywhere there is road; including the sidewalk that is meant for pedestrians. But you still have to move around, so we’ve combined these tips to help you navigate Lagos roads without too much bodily harm.(We can’t vouch for your mental state after having to move around in Lagos)

Here at EverydayLagos, we care about you when no one else does, that’s why we make these lists to keep you safe. If you’re riding a bicycle about on the main roads of Lagos though, you deserve whatever you get. Lol jk.

Without further ado, these are the rules to adhere to as a pedestrian on Lagos roads:

  • Keep your eyes wide open.

If you’re walking around in Lagos, you need to be very present and aware of your surroundings. Life is not a Hollywood movie where you can let your mind wander and start daydreaming about your boo when you are taking a walk. You need to pay all the attention so that you can quickly jump out of the way when a vehicle is coming to meet you in your lane.

  • Don’t stroll when using a zebra crossing.

Most Lagos drivers are mad and what’s more, they don’t even know what the zebra crossing is supposed to be. So if you are catwalking on a zebra crossing, expecting drivers to come to a halt for you, you must be joking.

  • Make eye contact with the driver and beg before crossing in front of their car.

Every Lagosian knows that universal pleading gesture. Just make sure the driver of the car sees you before you jump in front of their car to cross so that you don’t turn into an unfortunate person all of a sudden.

  • Use pedestrian bridges where possible.

Instead of running across the express and risking your life, use the pedestrian bridge if it’s available on that road.


What are your fail-safe survival tips as a pedestrian on Lagos roads? Let us know in the comments.


*featured image from Nigerian Monitor

Temitope Oyelade

I'm Temitope, I love to read, listen, write, and question everything. I'm always up for a challenge or to learn something new.

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