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These Lagos Life Savers Deserve an Award

You know how it is in Lagos. The rush to get to your destination and longs hours in traffic. Running into emergencies is very normal.

Here are life savers in Lagos that always have our backs during those very pressing moments.

The Shoemakers


For one without a car, you know how it is. Before you get to work in the morning, your shoe becomes something unpleasing to the eyes, needing a complete makeover.  At some other time, your shoe probably looked very fit before you stepped out of the house, but in the process of flying danfo buses, it cuts. This can be really embarrassing.

But the good thing is, you’ll always find shoemakers by the roadside at any time of the day, including during morning rush hours. Those guys deserve an award for saving us from those embarrassing moments.

Image by xtyzeb

The Pure Water/Bottle Water Sellers

The Lagos hustle is not funny. You’re either in a long wait at the bus stop, rushing into a danfo bus, standing on longing queues or in a stand-still traffic. It’s normal to run out of breath, and during those moments, the pure water/bottle sellers come in handy. They save us from the possibility of passing out as a result of too much hustle. 

The Gala Sellers


Just like the water sellers, the gala sellers are always there for us to get refreshed. For a city like Lagos, you leave the house on an empty stomach very early in the morning, through the day, you go about your hustle forgetting to get something to eat. Then in the evening, you rush into a danfo bus and feel the pangs of hunger biting you. By the window of your bus, there’s always a gala seller ready to make his money, while trying to save you from the risk of ulcer. Even during traffic, they don’t mind chasing your bus just to sell one gala for you.

Image by xtyzeb

The Bike/Keke Napep Riders


For those moments when you’re running late to your destination, and the traffic looks like a nightmare, boarding a danfo would be the greatest mistake. The best option during times like that is boarding a Keke Napep or bike. Although, bike riders do not go through some routes in Lagos, but for those routes that they take, you can always make use of them. The bike/keke napep riders have saved us from the possibility of turning into late comers.

Image by LanreAyilegbePhotography

The Recharge Card Sellers


You went out to visit a friend, the location is one that you’ve never been to, and you get confused in the process of searching for the house. At that instance, what comes to mind is to give the friend a call. But there are times when you realize you’re out of credit. The recharge card sellers always have our backs during times like this. You’ll find them in every street, every bus-stop, and every bus park. They save us from the awkward moment of being stranded.

Image via NorthofLagos

The Alabarus


The Alabarus are those guys that wait around in bus parks waiting for passengers with heavy luggage. Whether you went travelling and came back to Lagos with heavy luggages you or visited a market and ended up having a heavier bag that you’re confused oh how to carry, the Alabarus would always come to your rescue. They are always in bus parks and markets waiting to come to your rescue, and help you carry your luggage to the bus you’ll be boarding.

Image by xtyzeb

Do you think there are more life savers in Lagos that should be on this list? Do share with us in the comment box.

Christie Uzebu


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