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lagos life

The Heart of Lagos

For the few times I have been to the very heart Lagos, it has always been an experience. You may be humoured to hear this from a Lagosian. Well, though I disagree with those other Lagosians, there is still a city in the ‘outskirt’ of Lagos where I live – Badagry.

More than the thrill of having to leave home for someplace different than Ogun state where I schooled for 5 years, it was necessary for clearing my head.

These places I have visited has in no small measure changed my perspective and my expectations from life. This is not to say there are no razz places in this same Lagos, but that the extent of creativity and organisation in most part is amazing. Beautiful structures,  businesses that makes life exciting, creative minds,to mention a few.

In the middle of this centrality, and awe of what I behold,  I realize I had not the keys to these places. I could go to all the amazing places in Lagos,  take all ’em pictures of buildings and personalities but still be keyless to fit in to all these. I felt the oil of wisdom as I realised PURPOSE is the make up of Lagos, in effect, the key in. Like America , the land for all, a land for dreams. Butter the Lagos profile with time conscious dreamers,  you get this PURPOSE-FULL Lagos.

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