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Practical Ways to Deal with Stress in Lagos

Before I got to work today on Tuesday, I was stressed!

I was stressed and tired, I’m glad I didn’t apply powder on my face because I was sweating and if I had applied powder, the powder would have washed off.

From bus drivers that didn’t stop where they ought to have stopped to bus conductors that were nonchalant about how I get my balance for the transport fare I paid for.

That morning, I had to trek some distance to where I was going, from where the bus driver stopped, and it was tiring.

This made me wonder how Lagosians deal with stress, either from going to work, boarding buses, and the hustle and bustle of living in Lagos.

And so, I thought I should pay attention to stress management in this article.

Here are some few stress management tips for Lagosians:

  1. Take a deep breath: cool down, calm down. Don’t be stressed because someone stepped on your feet as you were moving at a fast pace to catch the bus, don’t be stressed because the conductor is nonchalant about how you get your balance; don’t allow yourself to be stressed, take a deep breath.
  2. Relax your body: whether you are just coming from grocery shopping from the market, or you are just coming from work, or you are coming from a hectic traffic; after you have done the necessary things you need to do when you get back, don’t forget to relax your body and stretch your body.
  3. Practice leaving your house early enough: rather than leaving your house late to work or to where you are going to, try to leave your house early enough so as to avoid rushing to where you are going, which can lead to stress.
  4. Have a relaxing bath: having a relaxing shower can also help one to feel refreshed and less stressed.
  5. Take note of the things that stress you: in order to effectively deal with stress, you also need to take note of those things that sometimes stress you. Once you have noted them, you need to ensure that you think about ways you can avoid those things.
  6. Listen to soothing music: one of the ways you can also deal with stress is to relax your body and listen to soothing music.
  7. Eat good food: rather than eating junks, endeavour to eat good food.
  8. Take breaks: breaks are important, and they can help one feel less distracted and less stressed. Don’t work and work without remembering to take breaks.
  9.  Have enough sleep: sleep when you need to, and try to get the right amount of sleep your body needs.


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Ayishat Amoo

Ayishat Amoo is a Christ follower who is passionate about spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ all over the world.She is also a passionate writer, an encourager, an avid reader, and a fashion enthusiast.In addition, she likes motivating people through her articles.She is a graduate of Mass Communication and she writes for magazines and websites.You can check her portfolio at

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