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These Are The Most Popular Markets In Lagos

Markets are a big part of life in Lagos. They are where the average Lagosian goes to purchase pretty much everything they need for daily life. A large number of Lagosians are also traders, and they either have shops or stalls at these markets or go to purchase wholesale from the markets and then retail them in shops at a different location.

These are the most popular markets in Lagos state

  • Balogun Market

Located on Lagos Island, It covers several streets, and so doesn’t particularly have an adress. You can find anything you can imagine to buy in this market, from foodstuff, to underwear, to wigs, to CDs, to electronics. It’s the go-to place for wholesale/affordable things. You have to be extra careful while visiting the market though because it is densely populated, and packed in with the traders and shoppers are people who are only there to steal. They pick pockets, tear bags and even snatch phones.

  • Oyingbo Market

Located around the Yaba/Ebutte Meta axis, this market is one of the oldest in Lagos. You can find fresh foodstuff in bulk here amongst other things. The market was recently renovated so the traffic which it used to cause in that area has been reduced to an extent.

  • Mile 12 Market

Located between Ketu and Mile 12, along Ikorodu road, this market is almost 40 years old. Famous for selling baskets of peppers, tomatoes and other edible fresh foods, most people who trade these items on smaller scales closer to their homes buy their goods from this market.

  • Yaba/Tejuosho Market

This is an extremely popular market which is located at Yaba and is notorious for the way the traders harass women who come to do their shopping. It is a place where you can get weaves, clothing, shoes, and any other fashion item you can imagine. You can also trade gold or change currencies here if you know where to go.

  • Computer Village

Located at Ikeja, this is the go to market in Lagos for your purchase, repair, and sales of computers, phones, and other similar electronics.

  • Oshodi Market

Oshodi is a major location in Lagos state because you can get to most places in Lagos quite easily from there. The market is home to sellers of clothing, foodstuff, and other things at quite affordable rates.

  •  Alaba Market

This is one of the most popular electronics markets in Africa. Located at Alaba, Ojo, the market is also visited and patronised by people from neighbouring African countries.

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