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My Trip to National Stadium

On my recent foray into the bowels of the National Stadium, words would fail me to describe the dirt and mess I met within the complex. I refused to believe this was a national asset. So many thoughts were running through my mind and the most disturbing scene was the dilapidated structure of the main bowl. The first word I altered was why? On a typical Sunday morning, lots of people throng the stadium to play several games but what surprised me most was that they all intentionally shunned the main bowl.

I’m addressing this question to all stakeholders in the sport industry, Would Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar, Drogba, David Beckham, Mourinho, John Terry etc have been the super stars they are if they had trained in this mess we call stadium? Wouldn’t greatness elude them? What does it cost to renovate and reawaken this facilities? The most annoying thing is that the so called National Institute of Sport is located on this ground. I was opportune to watch a game between two home clubs and I was wowed by the dexterity displayed on the pitch. Why don’t we offer this talents the chance to play on a world class pitch even at a cost?

We have a long way to go as a nation! I am appalled at the mess we inflict on our self as a nation. I would rather they hand over the stadium to private investors and take away the shame associated with the name ‘National Stadium’.


Prosper Armstrong


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