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MMM and Others: The Move to Defy Recession and its Accompanying Stress

As a sensible Lagosian that you’re, you get into the danfo bus and go straight to jejely minding your business by keeping a straight face. But the next thing you hear is a breakout of argument about MMM. This is not the first you’ve encountered, but this one seems to have more weight than all others. Half of the passengers have joined in, and you’re wondering if you should contribute or just block out the distraction with an ear piece. You go for the former, but on rummaging through your bag, you realize you forgot the ear piece at home.

Now, you have to face the music. Some argue for, some argue against, others simply say, “ehn…ehn, I never hear am before o”. Some others seize the opportunity to register the novices with their phones. But you just look on, and try to make sense of the scenario before alighting at your bus-stop.

That’s how last week, you were patiently waiting for a text message from your bank, alerting you that your debtor has finally paid the money as promised. When a text message eventually came in, all you saw was a link from an old friend who had stopped talking to you, asking you to register on a website with N1500 and get N6000. Your mind tells you to just go for it, instead of waiting for the silly debtor who may never pay.

The other day, you were waiting for a lovely whatsapp message from bae. The next thing you get is a link that says you should join the paradise of money by registering on a website that’ll triple any amount you put in.

Now, this is the life that’s beginning to takeover. It’s time to defy recession, and Nigerians have no chill anymore. This money must be made, and it can only be made by carrying everybody along in the stress of walking down the road to financial freedom.

I register, bring you and some others along, you bring in a few more people and the chain continues.

Many people are doing more work than the Jehovah Witnesses and the Christian brothers and sisters evangelizing on the streets. You find people who would take a day off their daily activities just to pay a visit to convince you about the effectiveness of MMM and others. You see them making statements like, “Bros, I can’t borrow you money. Come, let me show you the way.” Even if it’s a lie, you’ll hear something like, “I bought that car with MMM money”.

While the strong at heart immediately take the step of faith toward financial freedom, some others go ahead to spend another 6months making research, weighing the benefits and thinking about it while their mates are making money. A few others decide they’re not ready to be financially free. They have no strength for the stress that comes with calling anonymous individuals to ask for payments, they are not so much of extroverts to start inviting people to join, they’re not ready to start visiting banking halls every now and then, and most of all they do not have the heart to take any news that says, ‘the site has crashed, all your money is gone’.  So they don’t make any move, but sit and enjoy the arguments that happen both online and offline, and watch others make the money.

This bug has eaten deep, and the current economic downturn is not helping matters. So, no matter the negative reviews, all who are into the system of Ponzi Schemes remain there. Many began with MMM, the head of all, which promises a 30% increase within 30days. Now, some are porting, while others are tripling their income source. There’s Ultimate Cycler, which gripped Nigerians with fear a few days ago when the website went down. It promises a whopping 300% increase within 45 days. We also have Paradise Payments, for those who do not have so much to invest, promising to increase a token of N1500 within 2-5days. Then, there’s Paid Rocket, promising to increase your N1000 in no time, and iCharity Club, which according to its website claims to be a peer-peer donation platform for members.

The benefits are glaring for anyone to see. But Nigerians, all I ask is keep the noise down. Invading private space with your links and broadcasts has become really annoying. The thing is, more than half of active internet users know about these schemes. And it’s either they’re into it, or have made up their minds not to be a party to such method of being financially free. Keep your arguments at a minimum. If someone refuses to join you on the ladder to wealth, don’t argue. It’s not by force to be rich. Just wait till you blow, then they’ll marvel and wish they had listened.

The offers are enticing, and money is being made. So, I say congratulations Nigerians,especially Lagosians. We can keep attending our parties and buying asoebis, those bus conductors that keep holding on to our change will miss us soon.

If we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? The Government? Go for it, defy recession.

Christie Uzebu


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  1. You killed it babe. Lol.

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