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Meet Layo, The Lagos Babe

As a young dark coloured girl of 12, I always got everything handed to me, whether I wanted it or not; from jewelries, accessories, clothes, and more. I was a walking mannequin of fashion even at a tender age. I had so much Although my parents were just normal working class parents living in one of the rural areas of Lagos State, I had all I wanted.

My name is Layo and I am a Lagosian.

My childhood was quite exhausting, as I had all any child could dream of. One thing that made me sad was the fact that for everywhere I was to go, someone had to go with me. I was always very excited each time I got invited to a friend’s birthday party or I was asked to attend ceremonies with friends but as soon as I remembered that either my aunt, driver or my very boring uncle had to escort me, my happiness and excitement drowned.

For me, Lagos is the originator of all fun. It’s like the Las Vegas or Miami of Nigeria but if you allow that get into your head, it will and I say this from dark experience, suck you so much you will wish you had never existed. Lagos for me was home, I felt it was where I could determine and be all I wanted to achieve. I basically felt that in a city with the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, it would be convenient to build myself up to any length, It’s wasn’t true.

As I grew into a teenager, my hatred for Lagos grew. I was tired. The weather, the very hot Lagos and for God’s sake, the traffic were all too unbearable for me. But all these are part of the many reasons why I would never want to leave Lagos.

I love the city that turns up every second. You can hardly walk a kilometre before laughing hard. It’s either a conductor and agbero are in a brutal exchange of words, or LASTMA officials are taking possession of a community contributed danfo. In all, nothing made sense than enjoying the Lasgidi state of mind.

Oh wow…its time for bread and beans. Stay glued to this page and I’d return with juicy tales of Layo.

Wandey Jacobs

Wandey Jacobs

Im spontaneous, fun, witty and a plantain lover. I enjoy the good things of life and never take said words for granted. You will definitely find I have a weird edge to me that you will love. Stick with me and You will understand me. #scorpioborn

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