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Who Is A Lagos Bus Conductor?

When one asks for the definition of a conductor in Lagos, they are asking about our ever sure Lagos yellow bus conductors aka Danfo conductors. Lagos yellow bus conductors are men in charge of collecting money from passengers in the Yellow commercial Lagos buses all around the state. A true Lagosian at one point or the other has had an experience with a Lagos bus conductor, if you have not you really should take out time to join the Lagos yellow bus jumpers.

Anyways, today I would be giving some insights on how to know a Lagos Bus Conductor;

  1. Their eyes are always red. This is not a joke o and you dare not joke with any one whose eyes has changed colour, mans is just in that bus to collect money and shout, be careful and respek yasef.
  2. They lie a lot. They tell you that they are going somewhere only for them to not even get there at all or tell you they cannot stop there, always expect lies from them and always have your plan B.
  3. They know how to insult. That is right, they always know how to insult, their insults are mostly targeted at peoples mothers so please turn a blind eye when they try that, they like looking for trouble and they would be more than happy to respond to the audience you give them, things will get ugly and you dont want that.
  4. They will fight you for your own change. They are always fast to collect your money but the minute you start asking for your change it is war, my advice is to carry your change when entering the yellow lag bus aka danfo
  5. Some will wear the same shirt everyday. We cannot really say if that is their office wear but oh well I am not judging anybody.
  6. They usually look unkempt. When one looks at a young yellow bus conductor, you can mistakenly take them for touts, they are usually pretty loud too.
  7. The have that husky voice. It might be something they learnt in the school of Danfo’ing. I really can never know.

So there you have it guys, these are just some ways to actually know a Lagos Danfo Conductor. You are welcome.

Omolola Odunowo

Omolola Odunowo was born on the 3rd of April, 1995. She is an E-book author, a poet and an avid reader. She bagged her first degree in English Literature in 2015 and runs her personal blog alongside numerous other blogs where she guest writes. You can follow her on twitter and instagram at Mss_piNKy

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