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I Have a Probem with the Commuter – BRT Relationship in Lagos

It’s a regular Lagos scene to see commuters queue while they wait for their turn to get into BRT buses.

I have no idea if this bothers anyone else, but it does bother me.

Many time I’ve found myself on the queue thinking, ‘it’s a long queue, but it’ll be in a bus soon’, and at the end of the day I remain on the same spot after 30mins.

You get to the really long queue, one of the BRTs just got filled, so you wait another 20mins for the next BRT to arrive. The next one arrives, it doesn’t get to your turn, so you wait for another 15mins for the next one to arrive. In that 35mins spent, a danfo bus will be halfway if you had boarded it instead of heading for the queue.


On one occasion, I had to return my ticket and board the regular danfo buses after realising I was going to be late for my appointment if I remained there. On another very annoying occasion, I was in the bus already before realising there was no seat for me. I had to stand all through the journey.

My very few experiences using these BRTs were in no way pleasant, so it amazes me each time I pass a BRT bus station and see long queues that do not seem like they’ll end anytime soon.

The evening queues do not bother me as much as the morning queue. Afterall you’re probably going home, you can stand as much as you want and waste time. But in the mornings, the class of people I find on these queues are mostly those that are in a hurry to work. In the mornings is when you’ll also find more people standing.

After standing for long on a queue, you get in and probably end up standing all through the journey, most likely in traffic. I don’t know for you, but if I have to do that every morning before getting to work, half of my work day will be non-productive.

People claim it’s faster, no traffic with BRTs, you’re more comfortable, it’s cheaper. But from my experience, there’s really no difference when you board a danfo bus.

The ‘so-called’ BRT lanes are very few, so your BRT will most likely ply same road as the danfo buses. I can vote for the comfort you get when you board BRTs, but never forget that you might end up standing because you’re in a hurry to get to your destination. And for the fare, I’ll rather spend an extra N50 or N100 rather than stand and get exhausted.

I’m not campaigning for danfo buses. They equally have their down-sides, but I feel we have Lagos trafiic to deal with already, why add queues?

If the state government can provide more of these BRTs, then I’ll gladly join in the BRT club.

What do you think about the commuter-BRT relationship? Share your comments!


Christie Uzebu


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