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These Are The Funniest Tweets About Uber Drivers In Lagos

Famous taxi service, Uber isn’t doing so well on the global scale, as their CEO resigned this week and they’ve been failing to turn in profit for a while now. Even before the company fell on hard times, Uber Nigeria hasn’t been the best. Twitter is rife with complaints and funny experiences with Uber drivers in Lagos and Abuja. ( I’m not sure about their presence in other states) 

We previously posted an article about how to avoid getting beaten by your Uber driver here. But apparently Uber Nigeria drivers in Lagos are not just out to beat you, they also want to frustrate and confuse you, as evident in the tweets below.

1.) It all started with this tweeter who wanted to share her numerous grievances with Uber drivers in Lagos:

2.) When they start annoying you even before the ride has begun.

3.) Like please, why do they never want to use the map????

4.) Everyone knows the frustrated feels of getting a chatty driver.

5.) When they are chock-full of silly ass questions.

6.) And it’s always the ones who don’t deserve the 5 Stars that always ask for it.

7.) Other people shared their weird experiences as well.

well, man must hustle.

8.) I… I just can’t.

9.) Then this one who was just done for the day.

10.) The ones that shout at you as if they are not the stupid ones.

Na real wa.

11.) When they decide to re-enact their favorite movie.

12.) Apparently, they’re running scams now too.

13.) We’re ending on this note:

Seriously, that would explain everything.

Have you had any weird, confusing or annoying experiences with Uber drivers in Lagos? We’d like to hear them in the comments.

*featured image from techcabal

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