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Date Ideas for Lagosians

Even with the everyday hustle and bustle in Lagos, I find it amazing that most young couples in Lagos still find the time to date. In order not to run out of fun couple things to do, I have come up with a list of date ideas couples in Lagos can enjoy. You are welcome!!!

The prices to pull off these dates range from discreet to insanely huge expenses; so go for whatever option you feel suits you and your partner (and your pocket) best.

1. Picnics: Yes, you can have a picnic in Lagos especially if you are both people who love the outdoors. There are a lot of free parks springing around at almost every turn in Lagos today. These parks provide the much needed privacy for a wonderful romantic date. Pulling of this date is really affordable and anybody in any social bracket can do this.  Some of the parks in Lagos are; Lekki conservation centre, Gelah Park, Kanu Ndubusi Park, Johnson Jakande, Tinubu Park, Eden Parks and Gardens, etc.

Below are a couple of items you must go  along with to have a romantic and intimate time with your partner:

i. A mat or a decent sitting covering for the grass (since you will technically have to sit on the grass)

ii. Snacks/decent home cooked meals with very chilled drinks or water put into a picnic basket.

iii. Comfortable clothing

iv. Mosquito repellents

2 .  Bars: There are a lot of bars where young couples can also have an amazing time. You will be served exotic meals at amazingly affordable prices. All you need is some cash in hand, your dancing shoes and come prepared to have an amazing time. However, most bars are livelier during the weekends than week days. Some worthy to be mentioned bars in Lagos are – The Cave, The Exotic Bar, Princess Exotic Bar among many others

3. Restaurants: Just like bars, Lagos is littered with lots and lots of restaurants. These restaurants are sure to leave you and your partner with amazing memories to last a life time; Yellow Chilli, Bukka Hut, Ofada Boy, The Place, Terrakulture, Mega Chicken etc.

4. Clubs: Sometimes, you really just want to have fun and clubbing is best experienced in Lagos. Lagos is known for its amazing night life and every couple deserves to be at the heart of it all. Just look up clubs around your area to have the nicest club experience for your night date *wink*

5. The Beach: There is no crime having a little water and a lot of sand during a romantic date. For an amazing date at the beach, go on down to any of these places listed; Tarkwa Bay Beach, Elegushi Royal Beach, Atican Beach resort, Eleko Beach, etc. p.s: some of these beaches are private beach resorts and cost a lot of money. However, if you are up for the spend, you are welcome.

6. Hotels: Yasss!!! Looking for a place to rest or  vacay at with the love of your life in Lagos? Well, *flips hair* my darling city always has you covered. Lagos has a whole lot of hotels that can accommodate any type of budget.

Some of my preferred hotels are – Excellence hotel, Ogba; Collonade Hotel, Ikoyi; Eko Hotels and Suites, Victoria Island; Protea Hotel, Ikeja etc. Most of the hotels mentioned are a little on the top side. If this is not what you have in mind for you and bae, then I suggest you look up hotels around your area for more suitable choices.

Please note that all areas mentioned above are places I feel will best suit couple dates in Lagos. If this doesn’t go with your pocket, kindly search out the best possible option for you and your partner.

Thank you so much for reading. I will try as much as possible to update my space a bit more. Stay with me.

Omolola Odunowo

Omolola Odunowo was born on the 3rd of April, 1995. She is an E-book author, a poet and an avid reader. She bagged her first degree in English Literature in 2015 and runs her personal blog alongside numerous other blogs where she guest writes. You can follow her on twitter and instagram at Mss_piNKy

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