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9 Things That Shock Lagosians When They Visit Other States

Lagos is very different from all the other states in Nigeria.  When a born and bred Lagosian visits any of the other states, there might be a bit of culture shock when they encounter any of the following:

1. When you have to be at a meeting by 8am and they tell you to start leaving home by 7:30am

Excuse me is the meeting by 8am or 8pm? 

2. When you now get on the road and there is no hold up at all

Ahan you people are enjoying o.

3. When you hear how cheap rent is compared to Lagos

You start thinking shey I won’t pack my load and move here like this. 

4. How comfortable public transportation is

Nobody with body odor is squeezed up against you. No conductor to put his armpit over your face to ask someone else for money.

5. How cheap cabs are

When you come down from a one hour journey and the cab man says it’s 500 when you were already mentally calculating 3k. 

6. When people are walking slowly on the road

It’s like you people don’t have where to be Abi? 

7. When people are actually driving like sane people 

Wow are we in this same Nigeria like this? 

8. When you wear your short skirt that is actually maxi skirt in Lagos and people are looking at you all scandalized 

Lol you people have not seen anything yet. 

9. When people are going to sleep by 9 pm on a Friday 

Eskiss sir, the day is just starting now. Is there no party? 

Share the things that strike you as extremely different when you visit other states with us in the comments.

Temitope Oyelade

I'm Temitope, I love to read, listen, write, and question everything. I'm always up for a challenge or to learn something new.

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