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Tips to Help You Weather the Rainy Season in Lagos

Rainy season has finally arrived in Lagos. I think we are all heaving a collective sigh of relief after how hot the past couple of months have been.

However, rainy season comes with its own set of headaches. After all, everything that has advantages also has its disadvantages.

You may find yourself more susceptible to colds, having to wash your car more often than usual due to the mud on some of our bad roads or just simply frustrated that you can’t move around as easily as before.

The following tips have been collated to help make this rainy season a little less stressful for the typical Lagosian.

1. Keep a pair of rain shoes in your bag or at a convenient location 

It could be just a pair of bathroom slippers or you could want to go the whole way and have a pair of Wellington boots. Our shoe manufacturers are definitely getting more creative lately and you may be surprised to find that a nice pair of shoes you’re admiring are actually made of rubber and not leather.

Having this extra pair of shoes will make it easier for you to move around on the muddy and wet roads without ruining your more expensive leather shoes.

2. Have a small cloth to use as a rag

This could just be an old coloured handkerchief of yours. It will come in handy to clean up your shoes and clothes if they get a little messed up.

3. Keep an umbrella in your bag, office or car

Thankfully, there are very portable umbrellas that can fold up into very small shapes. You can have as many as you can afford in every nook and cranny so that you are always prepared if it suddenly starts to rain.

4. Keep a shower-cap in your bag

This tip mostly applies to the ladies. The shower-cap will help keep our lovely hairstyles fresh and undamaged. Braids and weaves as a rule do not respond well to water exposure so shower-caps are a must this rainy season.

5.  Try to avoid taking commercial motorcycles (Okada) when it rains

While these motorcycles are a quick and easy way to get to most places, when it rains, it becomes a bit impractical because the bikes don’t have any form of roofs or shades and as such, you are likely to get soaked. You may need to avoid taking then even up to a few hours after it rains because the roads will be very slippery and you don’t want to run the risk of falling into a puddle of mud while on an okada.

6. Have a sweater in your bag at all times 

If you are the type who tends to get cold very easily, a sweater is an important item to have so that you can feel comfortable and you don’t fall sick.

7. Try to be more careful and conscientious in general

The rainy season is when people are more likely to fall sick, probably due to all the water everywhere for mosquitoes to thrive and the cold which might make people more susceptible to the flu.

Take care to have a hand sanitizer because most germs thrive in damp areas; spray your house with insecticides; and be very alert when you are walking on the road so that passing cars don’t spray you with water.

8. Last but not least, enjoy the rainy season! 

We should always look at the bright side of things and while I’ve highlighted how to wrangle the more difficult aspects of the rainy season, we should try to enjoy the advantages; the nights are cooler so we can sleep better, and I’ve already started noticing some of our delicious local foods that are particular to the rainy season such as roasted corn and pears, and mangoes.

Get some of these things to eat and celebrate being a Nigerian during the rainy season!

You are welcome to share your rainy season tips and experiences with us in the comments.

Featured image via Guardian

Temitope Oyelade

I'm Temitope, I love to read, listen, write, and question everything. I'm always up for a challenge or to learn something new.

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