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5 typical conversations that take place in a ‘danfo’

It’s Lagos, and one of the things you will notice if you are new to Lagos are the different types of discussions that take place in ‘danfos’ (commercial buses).

Most times, boarding a commercial bus is not always a dull activity because of the conversations that people engage in when they are in the bus. Sometimes, the conversations are insightful and enlightening.

In the bus, whenever people speak, you have an idea of what people’s opinions are concerning certain issues or situations happening in the society.

When you hear any of these conversations in a ‘danfo’, don’t be surprised!

  1. Politics: this is one of the conversations bus passengers engage in more often than others. They talk about the political issues in the country, and not only that, they give tips on how it can be improved and ideas on what they think might have led to or caused such situations.
  2. Economic situation: another conversation that people often engage in, in commercial buses are conversations about the economic situation in Nigeria. Just anything can spur the start of such conversations. For instance, if the bus conductor calls the bus fare a certain price, then someone can object and the bus conductor might say the bus fare is increased due to the price of some things like fuel. At such times, some people may start talking about their own experiences and how they have been purchasing things at a high rate.
  3. Socio-cultural Issues: passengers sometimes also talk about socio-cultural issues in commercial buses. They might talk about the way people live or how some things in the society are, how some people dress, the way they talk, and so on. There are so many socio-cultural issues that are sometimes heard in buses.
  4. Football talks: passengers also engage in conversations about football as supporters of different football clubs defend the football club they support. Some passengers even read sports newspapers in the bus and talk about it with others.
  5. News: another typical conversation in ‘danfos’ is the conversations about news or current happenings in the society. Some passengers give their own opinions about some issues reported in the news. For instance, passengers may discuss issues from a particular sector of the nation’s economy based on news reports.

What other types of conversations do you hear in buses? Kindly share with us in the comment box below!

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Ayishat Amoo

Ayishat Amoo is a Christ follower who is passionate about spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ all over the world.She is also a passionate writer, an encourager, an avid reader, and a fashion enthusiast.In addition, she likes motivating people through her articles.She is a graduate of Mass Communication and she writes for magazines and websites.You can check her portfolio at

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