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10 Essential Items for Being Out and About in Lagos

1. Money

You need money for every aspect of life in this state. Even if you are part of cashless Lagos like me, i.e. people who prefer to use their cards for most transactions; cash is still needed for a lot of things. Okada men for example,  don’t carry POS machines

2. Your phone 

This goes without saying. You need to be with your phone so that everyone who is important can reach you.


Sometimes music is needed to drown put the noise of this city. You can also use them to pretend you can’t hear when someone is calling you lol. Just make sure that you don’t wear them in high traffic areas so that you can be aware of your surroundings and you don’t get into an accident.

4. An umbrella

You can have a small collapsible one in your car or in your bag. So that if it suddenly starts to rain, or it gets too sunny, you’ll be covered.


To pretend you can’t see the haters.  Jk Jk.

The sun in this Lagos, no be for here. So sunglasses are needed for the glare, or just to add to your dope outfit overall. If you’re climbing bikes, they are also useful to keep the dust out your eyes. 

6. Handkerchief/a pack of tissues

To clean your sweat or for when little accidents that need cleaning up happen.

7. Hand sanitizer 

It’s important because this state is frankly filthy.  You may also have to shake a lot of hands, just don’t use the hand sanitizer right in front of the person you just shook hands with as it could be perceived as offensive.

8. Water.

This could help save you some money too. Take a bottle of water from home rather than buying from outside. You can put it in your work fridge if there’s one.

9. Chewing gum/mints 

It’s important please. Don’t come and knock us over with your mouth odor. If you know your breakfast had fish in it, help yourself and the people around you out and buy some TomTom on the way to work.

10. Slippers

This is mostly for the ladies. In case you need a break from the shoes you’ve been wearing all day, or an emergency happens and your shoes get spoilt; you’ll have backup.

What are your essentials for being out and about in Lagos? Share with us in the comments.

Temitope Oyelade

I'm Temitope, I love to read, listen, write, and question everything. I'm always up for a challenge or to learn something new.

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